About Us

The newest addition to the Miata market

We have always loved Miatas—they are affordable and have their own market for customization. Every Miata looks different, and can fit different budgets. It makes for a versatile car that will continue to last.

Our digital cluster launched in June of 2017. Since then, many Miata owners all over the world have added our cluster to their Miata aesthetic. We are proud to present this product to you and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Mockup of orange mazda

Meet the Team


James Mack
President of Mazda Radio
President of MX5 Digital

Travis Divine
President of Divine Creations
Vice-President of MX5 Digital


Scott Stem
Suspension & Tire Expert

Zac Nesbitt
Metal Fabrication Specialist

Ted Shambaugh
Parts Specialist

Ashton Walk
Parts Specialist
3D Printing

Our 2020 Builds

FedEx Sponsored Build

Purple mazda with FedEx logo

Truhart Police Car Build

Mazda styled like police car

Our 2019 Builds

orange NA miata from side angle
Carbon Miata Build (“NB With the Widebody Kit”)

At the beginning of the year, we proposed a sponsorship from Carbon Miata, allowing us to create this spectacular build! Carbon Miata got its start in 2013 with fiberglass and carbon fiber.

This NB sports the full Carbon Miata Widebody Kit and was painted merlot to break out of our usual Mariner Blue. 🙂 It made its debut at the RE7’s Day in Chatsworth, GA, then in North Carolina at Miatas at the Gap. This NB turns heads wherever it goes!

Blue mazda from front angle in a parking lot
Jass Performance Build (“Orange Miata”)

Believe it or not, this NA Miata is the same Mariner Blue previously sponsored by Jass Performance! Based in Bulgaria, Jass Performance offers a variety of high-quality, aftermarket products in both retro and modern styles.

We replaced the original pop-ups with their stealth headlights, and a number of parts under the hood are also from Jass Performance. Wanting to refresh its look, MX5 Digital sought out NCA Tint and Revolt Vinyl to source and install Orafol vinyl, hence the new, bright orange!

Maroon mazda with carbon miata on back
I.L. Motorsport Build (“The Lifted NA”)

Our lifted Miata is sponsored by I.L. Motorsport, GmbH. They are a German-based company and racing team. Their high performance products power this build.

The lift comes from a 3-inch lift kit, adjustable upper control arms, and energy suspension control arm bushings–all from Paco Motorsports. Their Offroadster has created a new trend of lifting–instead of lowering–Miatas.